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Startup · Filter, Medium

Startup · Filter, Medium


Hario, Ceramic Drip Funnel, 02 (Color)

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Startup · Filter, Medium

Om dette produkt

Optimize the working environment and boost productivity at your startup with our exclusive Pour-Over Coffee Startup Package! We understand that every working day requires fuel, which is why we have put together a package that delivers the perfect cup of coffee experience directly to your office.

The package contains:

  • 1 Hario Pour over funnel
  • 40 paper filters for the funnel
  • 1 Hario electric kettle with the option to set the temperature
  • 500g Honduran coffee beans, ground for Pour over
This package is ideal for those of you who have just started a business and would like to have coffee for everyday life, without investing a fortune in smart machines.
It is for those of you who focus on quality, but at the same time do not want to drain the budget of your startup.

Give your team the luxury of enjoying freshly brewed coffee, while creating an inspiring and cozy atmosphere. Let the Pour-Over Coffee Startup Package be the driving force behind your next wave of creativity and success!

Order today and experience how a tasty cup of coffee can transform the working day at your startup!

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