Startup · Stamp, Medium

Startup · Stamp, Medium


Fellow, Stagg EKG 0.9 L Electric Kettle (Colour)
Fellow, Ode Brew gen 2, Grinder (Color)

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Startup · Stamp, Medium

Om dette produkt

Invest in productivity and well-being with our complete Stempelkaffe Startup Package, created especially for innovative startups like yours! Take your coffee breaks to new heights with first-class equipment that makes every cup an experience.

This comprehensive package includes the ground-breaking Fellow Ode Brew grinder, ensuring perfectly ground coffee every time. Pair it with the elegant Hario Piston pot, bringing the true piston coffee experience into the office. Our carefully selected Honduran coffee, specially ground for stamp, adds nuances of flavor that will inspire and awaken the senses.

To complete the package, we also offer the Fellow EKG electric kettle with temperature control, so you can specify the water temperature and ensure the optimal brewing process. And to add a personal touch, you can choose between a black or white kettle and grinder that fits your style perfectly.

The package contains:

  • 1 Hario Double Glass Jug
  • 1 Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle
  • 1 Fellow Ode Brew gen 2. Coffee grinder
  • 500g. Honduran coffee ground to stamp

Complete the package with a Company Coffee subscription where you choose the quantity and frequency of the deliveries, completely without obligation. read more here

Don't just make coffee, create a coffee culture that promotes teamwork and creativity. Order our Stempelkaffe Startup Package today and discover how a well-oiled coffee environment can be the key to success for your startup adventure!

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