Press brygning med Aeropress

Press brewing with Aeropress

Aeropress is an excellent method of brewing coffee and the choice of coffee beans plays a crucial role in achieving the perfect cup.

I use the Aeropress to experiment with different coffee flavors. You can try beans from different regions to explore varied flavor profiles. Whether you prefer fruity notes from Latin America or deeper tones from African or Asian beans, the Aeropress is an excellent and simple way to understand your coffee.

Here is a basic recipe for brewing coffee with the Aeropress
Here's how you do it:
  • Heat the water to 98ºC
  • Grind the coffee beans medium-fine (3-4 in fineness)
  • Place the paper filter in the Aeropress filter holder and rinse it with hot water from the kettle
  • Place the stamp in the Aeropress and stand it upside down with the opening facing up
  • Pour the coffee beans into the Aeropress and add the heated water evenly over the beans
  • Put the filter with filter holder on and tighten it
  • Let it stand and infuse for 3 minutes
  • Turn the "construction" over and place on a cup
  • Press the plunger down slowly over 10-15 seconds.
  • Enjoy your tasty coffee!
This brewing method is called "Upside Down" and is, in my opinion, a really good way to brew Aeropress, as a lot of coffee does not get through the filter unnecessarily when the coffee is left to steep. You know the fineness of the grind, the time the coffee brews, the pressure you use when brewing and much, much more. This is the basis and framework for a good cup of coffee. Coffee and method are always about taste.
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