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Chemex, Handmade Glass, Coffee Maker 5-Cup (CM-2)

Chemex, Handmade Glass, Coffee Maker 5-Cup (CM-2)


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Størrelse: 5 cups

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Chemex, Handmade Glass, Coffee Maker 5-Cup (CM-2)

Om dette produkt

In this hand-blown version of the famous Chemex Classic coffee maker, you can truly immerse yourself in the quality of unique craftsmanship and the crystal clear glass that has earned the product a permanent place in design exhibitions at renowned museums such as the "Museum of Modern Art," "Smithsonian," and "Philadelphia Museum of Art."

Chemex coffee brewers use the 'pour-over' technique, where the precision in the way the water is poured over the coffee beans in the filter funnel is crucial for the extraction of the coffee's rich flavor nuances. Unlike other 'pour-over' designs, Chemex's filter holder and carafe unite in one elegant design, creating an impressive and simple coffee maker and serving carafe. This handmade 5-cup model allows you to brew approximately 7 dl of delicious coffee, and the use of Chemex FS-100 or FC-100 coffee filters is recommended for this coffee maker. Explore the coffee experience on a new level with this beautifully designed Chemex Classic 5-cup coffee maker that delivers a sublime cup of coffee with every brew.

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    Chemex, Handmade Glass, Coffee Maker 5-Cup (CM-2),

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