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Chemex, Handmade Glass, Coffee Maker 8-Cup (CM-3)

Chemex, Handmade Glass, Coffee Maker 8-Cup (CM-3)


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In this hand-blown version of the well-known Chemex Classic coffee maker, you can embark on a sensory experience that explores the quality of unique craftsmanship and the clear glass, which has earned the product a permanent place in design exhibitions at important museums such as the "Museum of Modern Art," "Smithsonian, " and "Philadelphia Museum of Art."

Chemex coffee brewers are masters of the 'pour-over' technique, where careful technique and precision in the pouring of water over coffee beans in the filter funnel determine the extraction of the coffee's complex flavor notes. Unlike other 'pour-over' designs, Chemex's filter holder and carafe unite in a cohesive and beautiful design, resulting in an impressive and simple coffee maker and serving carafe. This handmade 8-cup model opens up the possibility of brewing approximately 1.2 liters of aromatic and tasty coffee, and for this coffee maker the use of Chemex FS-100 or FC-100 coffee filters is recommended. With this coffee maker you experience not only a visual pleasure, but also a culinary journey into the world of sublime coffee.


Størrelse: 8 cups

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