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Chemex, Coffee filters Square, 5-13 cup, 100 pcs (FS-100)

Chemex, Coffee filters Square, 5-13 cup, 100 pcs (FS-100)


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Specially designed for use with Chemex 5, 6, 8, 10 and 13-cup coffee makers, the white folding filters represent a carefully engineered solution to enhance your coffee brewing experience. These filters are carefully pre-folded to ensure convenience and provide an optimal platform for the most complete extraction of the coffee's essence.

With their precise folding and dedicated design, the filters ensure that the coffee grounds are distributed evenly and efficiently through the brewer's chamber. This creates an ideal brewing process that maximizes the aroma and flavor profile of your coffee. The white color of the filters not only emphasizes their purity, but also reflects the meticulous quality embedded in each individual filter.

Whether you prefer a smaller or larger Chemex coffee maker, these filters offer a customized solution that is closely matched to each capacity. This ensures that regardless of which size brewer you use, you get the same high standard of brewing and taste experience.

Invest in these white folding filters for your Chemex brewer and immerse yourself in a coffee experience that combines convenience, precision and a sublime taste experience.



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