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Fellow, Stagg EKG PRO, 0.9 L, Electric Kettle

Fellow, Stagg EKG PRO, 0.9 L, Electric Kettle



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Kapacitet: 0.9 L

Størrelse: 11.10 in (282 mm) x 6.77 in (172 mm) x 7.7 in (196 mm)

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Fellow, Stagg EKG PRO, 0.9 L, Electric Kettle

Om dette produkt

The revolutionary development of our signature pouring jug, created with premium materials. It has fully customizable brew settings, precise temperature and tilt control and the option of continuous updates via WiFi.

The best kettle Fellow has ever made. In fact, the best kettle anyone has ever made. Introducing the Stagg EKG Pro Studio Edition from Fellow, a ground-breaking evolution of their signature pouring jug. With fully customizable brew settings, precision temperature and tilt controls, and access to powerful updates over WiFi, this is officially the coolest way to boil water.

With a reflective glass base and elegant metal touch points, Fellow's new Stagg EKG Pro Studio Edition makes the ultimate statement on the kitchen table.


Use the high-resolution full-color screen to navigate through an extensive menu of features designed to enhance your brewing experience.

  1. Scheduling: Set your boiler to reach a specific temperature at a specific time.
  2. Guide function: Not sure where to start? Choose a preset temperature for different coffee brewing styles and types of tea.
  3. Height: Avoid boiling by setting the height of your location.
  4. Adjustable Hold Mode: Keep your water hot for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.
  5. Chime + Volume Control: Hear when your water is ready. Turn it on or off and decide how loud you want it to be.
  6. Units: Choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  7. Pre-boil: Boil at maximum temperature to disinfect before lowering to your target temperature.
  8. Language: Choose English, French or Spanish.
  9. Clock: Choose between analog or digital display.
  10. WiFi: Get the latest firmware updates easily over WiFi using the Fellow Updater app. Note: You cannot currently control your boiler or its settings via the Fellow Updater app.
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  • Materiale

    304 18/8 stainless steel kettle body, plastic handle and lid pull, metal and glass base, metal touchpoints, optional wooden handle and lid pull

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    Fellow, Stagg EKG PRO, 0.9 L, Electric Kettle ,

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    Når du ikke kan bruge Fellow, Stagg EKG PRO, 0.9 L, Electric Kettle mere, skal det afleveres til genbrug under Electronics scrap

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