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Wacaco, Minipresso NS2

Wacaco, Minipresso NS2


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Wacaco, Minipresso NS2

Om dette produkt

Minipresso NS2 is the new generation of the well-known Minipresso NS. Smaller and lighter, it's even more portable and still offers great espresso quality through the use of NS CAPSULES*. The advantage of brewing with a capsule is that the coffee is already ground, measured and tamped with higher precision in a condensed, hermetically sealed package for perfect preservation of all the flavor nuances of freshly ground coffee. There is very little room for error, so your espresso looks and tastes great cup after cup. The use of capsules is also more practical, mess-free and makes your espresso machine easier to clean after use. Minipresso NS2 is absolutely your best choice for quickly enjoying up to 60 ml of delicious espresso at home, in the office and when you're on the go.


  • For Nespresso® Original compatible capsules
  • Pressure portafilters - Produce a beautiful espresso with a thick layer of crema
  • Fun to brew - Consistently rich and tasty espresso
  • Easy to use - Quick to clean
  • Hand operated - No electricity, no battery required
  • Eco-friendly - Partially made from wheat-based polymers
  • Extra compact - 130 mm - 5 inches
  • Ultralight - 290g - 0.64lb
  • French design - Modern and elegant style
  • Extended commitment - 1 year warranty

NOTE : Minipresso NS2 does not heat the water.

NS CAPSULES refers to Nespresso® * Original capsules and compatible capsules.

Please note that some non-original capsules may not work well with our machines.

** Third party brand unrelated to Wacaco Company Limited.

Wacaco Company Limited and its products are not affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or endorsed by Nespresso®**.

NB. This product is made to order, but can be delivered quickly. However, please allow for a little extra delivery time. Thanks :)

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